Boot camp is an outdoor program that largely focuses on progressive strength training, motivational coaching, cardiovascular training, and supportive nutritional guidance. When various types of training are combined with a structured nutritional program, it creates an optimal environment for burning away your most stuborn fat. Boot camp is one of our signature programs as it includes program design, nutrtional coaching, and weekly check ins in one price. We recognize that old habits are very hard to break, therefore personalized attention during the entire program to help you acheive outstanding results in minimal time.


If you do not have time to commit to boot camp, if boot camp does not fit into your schedule, or you don't live in victoria, we can still set you up with a customized meal plan via our nutritional coaching services. We can do appointments over the phone or have in office consultations to gather the necessary information to design your program. Your plan will be sent to you via email, facebook messenger with in 48 hours.

We use flexible eating approaches; taking into conscideration your body type, lifestyle, goals, diet history, and personality. In addition to program set up, we offer two different levels of accountability as well. See the pricing page for info on our biweekl check in or weekly checkin rate.

Off season coaching, prep, and metabolic damage plans are available for competative athletes as well. Please see Competative Coaching in the pricing area for prices.


Includes a custom Weight Training Program, Nutrtional Coaching with Biweekly or Weekly check in's, Measurements, and program adjustments to both eating and training plans.


Private coaching is available for cleint at the gym, home gyms, or outside. I will design a custom training plan for you including strength and cardio plans. Will include 3 to 4 workouts depending on your schedule, training split, or goals. There is an initial fee for program design and set up and then an hourly in person training rate. We have one our options pay as you go or a quick start bundle pack for training.

I also offer competition program design and a trainng package program that includes design, gym time, nutrtional programing, and posing coaching.


If you just need posing coaching (without a meal plan or training plan) I offer private sessions and group sessions for figure and bikini athletes.



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