Everyone in LFS boot camp arrives with different goals. However, if losing weight or changing your eating habits is at the top of your list, then daily attention to your nutrition is a must.

Try our Week One Lean Out Plan to jump start your transformation.


Our trainers will go above any beyond the call of duty when it comes to the nutritional aspect of this program. In every class, you are taught how to fuel your body to maximize your results. Which means that your instructors will teach you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat so that all your hard work done in class does not go to waste.


In the first few days of our program, we will help you clean sweep your kitchen, identify bad eating habits, and provide all the nutritional know-how to ensure the new you lasts. Each camper is provided with a success journal to track their goals, log their daily food intake, and apply their new healthy skills and knowledge each and everyday.

"We take great pride in offering specific & detailed, information that will not only raise your awareness, but will take you above and beyond your weight loss expectations!"




LFS boot camp members will receive weekly nutrition tips, healthy recipes, menu planning, and daily food log reviews from your instructors. You will learn what foods enhance your metabolism and which ones can stifle it, you will also learn which foods to eat before and after your workouts, and how to control mid-day sugar cravings.

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