Life Force Systems is a unique fitness company that has helped thousands of Victoria locals reclaim their bodies by shedding pounds and sculpting muscle.  After graduating from SFU with a BGS in Kinesiology and Gerontology, Health and fitness expert Kim Ricci, designed and launched her outdoor fitness and nutrition Boot Camp in the spring of 2000.

The concept behind Life Force Systems stems from a sincere passion to A: see people succeed and to B: create a positive life force. Having a strong life force means that you have enough energy to get through your day, that you are radiant, and that you inspire people around you just by being in the room. It means that you are confident and comfortable with your body and are proud of the reflection you see in the mirror everyday. Lastly, having a positive life force means that you are able to make healthy food choices that nourish your body and fuel your activities. At LFS, we strive to teach you how to trust yourself, how to believe in yourself, and how to embrace your own life force. LFS boot camp is a balanced, flexible, and challenging program that will help you get noticable results. I am very proud to share it with anyone who has the courage to take that first step.

Kim Ricci, BGS, Owner Operator.


LFS encompasses the simple idea of 'Preventative Medicine', including educating, supporting, inspiring, and motivating people to take responsibility for their health. In terms of prevention, we teach people that diet and exercise are the most powerful prescription to long lasting health and weight loss. We want to make our clients strong, healthy, and proud of the reflection they see in the mirror every day.


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